Dec 9, 2011

Which business schools do the most satisfied MBA graduates go to ?

Getting an M.B.A. from a top tier school is always an expensive affair. An MBA degree from Harvard Business School, for instance, can dig a deep hole in your pocket (approx. $290,000 on average for tuition and two years of foregone salary).

Many of the readers might be aware of the fact that Forbes, the magazine, ranks business schools every two years based on the return on investment of their alumni. A reccent article from Forbes highlights the "satisfaction" rank of these business schools based on the information collected during the survey. However, just like with any other MBA ranking, it is important to know how this ranking works. Forbe's MBA Ranking is based on ROI along with responses from alumni on their level of satisfaction in three areas: M.B.A. education, current job and preparedness relative to other b-school grads. The three satisfaction ratings are then averaged to come out with the list of the most satisfied MBA graduates. Any school that did not respond from at least 25 graduates is excluded from the list.

So how the ranking for the schools sending most satisfied MBA graduates look like? Check out the surprise school at No. 9!

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