Apr 7, 2012

Internationals can't work anymore in UK after studies!

Indians who go to the United Kingdom for higher studies will no longer be able to stay on to work after completing their education. This new regulation, announced earlier, comes into effect on Friday. The number of applications from India for university courses in the UK commencing in September 2012 have already dropped, and the move is likely to trigger a further fall.

The earlier regime permitted overseas students to apply for employment for at least two years on payment of a visa fee of £500.This is being discontinued to reduce foreign workers in a climate of high unemployment in Britain.

Entrepreneur graduates may still find work in UK

Apr 3, 2012

Honey I shrunk the school! Kellogg goes smaller

In Feb 2012, the Kellogg School of Management unveiled its new strategic vision for the coming decade, called Envision Kellogg. The plan, announced by Kellogg Dean Sally Blount, contains many moving pieces, including an expanding global footprint and a complete overhaul of the school’s MBA curriculum. Most notably, Kellogg plans to shrink its two-year MBA program class size by as much as 25%, and double or even triple the size of its one-year MBA program.

There are few, if any, American one-year MBA programs as prominent the one Kellogg offers. (Among top-ranked schools, Columbia’s accelerated January-intake class is the most similar.) Recognizing this unique asset and the apparent growing popularity of accelerated MBA programs around the world, Blount is doubling down on the one-year program in an effort to further stand out vs. its U.S. competition. Its two-year full-time enrollment, which currently stands at about 1,115, may drop as low as 850. Meanwhile, the school’s one-year program class size could grow from approximately 80 students to as many as 250.