Jun 16, 2012

Columbia Business School's Fall 2012 Application Process - Deadlines and Essays

Here are Columbia Business School’s application deadlines and essays for the coming year:

Columbia Business School Admissions Deadlines

January 2013 Intake: October 3, 2012
Fall 2013 Intake (Early Decision): October 3, 2012
Fall 2013 Intake (Merit Fellowship Consideration): January 9, 2013
Fall 2013 Intake (Regular Decision): April 10, 2013

Do not forget that CBS works on a rolling admissions cycle and we recommend against applying at the last minute. Also “Early Decision” means that the applicant is committing to attend Columbia if he/she accepted.

Columbia Business School Admissions Essays

What is your immediate post-MBA professional goal? (200 characters maximum)

Jun 15, 2012

NYU Stern Releases Fall 2012 MBA Admissions Essays


NYU Stern is introducing a new Essay 2 to its full-time MBA application for Fall 2013 applicants, the first major change in the essays in six years. The question will assess an applicant's fit with the Stern mission and mindset about creating value in an environment of increased ambiguity. The School believes these qualities are essential to lead in today's global business environment.

"The central issues of our time--from fiscal and environmental sustainability to the rise of emerging markets and the coming wave of urbanization--cry out for disruptive leaders who can think across traditional intellectual boundaries and work collaboratively to harness the power of markets for the good of the world," said Peter Henry, Dean of NYU Stern. "We want students of the highest caliber who are eager to broaden their minds, develop their own unique professional identity, and use the assets of our School and University to figure out how to create value in whatever career they choose to pursue."