Dec 4, 2011

Inside Yale SOM's Admissions Office

This post is one in a series of posts trying to decipher what happens once you click that "submit" button in the application portal of the top business schools. As told by the admissions directors themselves! Follow us on twitter and facebook to keep yourself updated with the next set of schools.

What happens once applications are submitted?

Yale School of Management (SOM) Admissions Director Bruce DelMonico - Once applicants submit applications on our online application platform, we ensure that the applications are complete by adding to them any supplemental information or materials that were submitted by the applicants separately. Once an application is verfied to be complete, we send it out to reads. Most of the applications receive two independent  reviews by different members of our Admissions Committee.

It may be noted that the applications are read in random order and, as a result, candidates can be invited to interview at any time in a particular round. Candidates can also be invited to interview at any point in the admissions process – whether early in the round after a preliminary review of the file or later in the round after a first or second reviews (or, in some cases, after coming to the Admissions Committee).

Once an application receives two reads and, if required, an interview, it  goes to the Admissions Committee for a final decision. The Admissions Committee meets regularly throughout the year to make these kind of decisions. Final decisions on the applications are made collectively by the Admissions Committee through a consensus decision-making model – all the members of the admissions committee must agree on the decision.

Although we try to release final decisions as soon as we can and may, in fact, release some of the decisions before the posted decision deadline of a particular round, the majority of the candidates will  get to know the outcome of their application on or a little before the deadline date of that round. Because the applications we recieve are reviewed in random order, the timing of admissions decisions is not an indication of the final outcome. 

BizSchoolPrep Comments:

  • Every complete application is read. No cutoffs. Seriously, even if you have a 200 GMAT and 0.4 GPA!
  • Applications are generally read twice. Hence, do not get worried thinking one person's perspective (who is in a bad mood) will break your application!
  • The application reading process may be a little random so do not try too hard to find a coorelation between the submitted date to the interview invite date with that of your friend.
  • Do not submit an incomplete application. Period.

School Stats -

Tuition & Fees: $103,725

Median GMAT: 720
GMAT Range (mid-80%): 680-760
Average GPA: 3.50

Acceptance Rate: 17%
Full-Time Enrollment: 430
International: 26%
Female: 37%
African American: 2%
Asian American: 18%
Hispanic or Latino American: 7%
Mean Age: 28

Median Base Salary: $100,000
Median Signing Bonus: $20,000
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: 76%
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 92%
Estimate of Total Pay over a 20-Year Career*: $2,750,657
*Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported, 2010
Source: Collected from internet/clearadmit/Poets&Quants

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