Feb 5, 2011

What are my admission chances in X,Y or Z schools?

Can you please evaluate my profile and tell me what are my chances in getting admission in school X, Y or Z?

This is probably the most often asked question of all time in the MBA Admissions world! Right from the conversation with admissions representative of business schools during the MBA fairs to within the virtual walls of Internet through MBA/GMAT forums such as BusinessWeek, GMATClub, Urch, Beat the GMAT, this question is everywhere. Applicants are curious about what are there chances of getting admissions to the school of their choice and MBA admissions consultants have used this question as their marketing vehicle by offering free profile evaluation to all those who are looking to get an external nod ! So what do we think about these kind of question?

After coming across more than hundreds of these posts, we have understood one thing - applicants already have a sense of what they are asking. They already have a pretty good intuition of what reply they are going to get from the admissions consultant, still they ask! Why? May be just to get a nod and agreement from someone else in the same direction.

First thing first - Your chances of getting the admission at the school of your choice are as good as you can make them. "Being Competitive" or "Being Qualified" is a very different notion than "Getting In" and no matter whom you ask out of these expert MBA consultants, most of them are going to answer you only about the first part - How competitive your profile looks for admission. Your stats (GMAT/Work Exp/GPA/Age, etc etc ) are just indicators of the first part - "Being Competitive" - only which are compared with the general profile of the school to understand whether your profile falls on the upper side of schools student community, average or the lower.

Now comes the reality - Most of the aspirants who apply to the top business schools are indeed competitive and qualified for these business schools. But only few get in. Why? It is because of the gap between the actual profile of a person and what is portrayed in the application. You may be a superstar but if you can not convince the admissions committee that you are indeed a superstar, then , for all practical purpose of getting the admissions, you are not a one! Hence, execution of the application is the key. You need to very strongly convince the adcom why should they take you over hoards of other applicants with the similar profile. Get your goals clear and put the right stories in the essay in the most effective manner. While most of the aspirants spends a considerable time on getting the language write, the most important part of the essays is the content. If you can execute these components of your application well, you are already a front-runner in the race!

If your application is a kick-ass one, as seen from the eyes of the admissions committee of your target business school, your chances of getting admissions are pretty close to 100%!

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