Feb 9, 2011

US & Europe - the top MBA destinations for the Internationals. Why?

When it comes to business school education for international students, majority of them opt for the business schools based out the US and Europe. But what makes these two regions so special that attracts so many internationals? Let’s put our thinking cap and analyze the five reasons that we believe drive this motivation -

1. One of the reasons is that the business schools from the US and the European countries dominate the MBA rankings published by most of the publications. The business schools from the US and Europe together contributed to almost around 80-90% of the schools in top 100 with a pretty heavy percentage tilted towards the US schools, followed by Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia, more or less in that order. No wonder they have high visibility across the world, and eventually, in the eyes of MBA aspirants.

2. Another reason that contributes to a heavy interest in the US and Europe B schools is that many of the internationals who apply for business programs have either direct exposure to these two regions through work and/or prior educational experience, or, they know someone who had that kind of exposure. The result is an increased comfort level in thinking about educational options in these two countries. Ever wondered why there are so many IT applicants applying to the business schools from India? Well, they either worked onsite (in the US/Europe, etc or regularly interact with the friends, colleagues, etc who have worked).

3. Don’t forget that a lot of internationals are already residing in these regions and have settled well, which further makes it convenient for them to explore an MBA option without having the hassle of moving to a different country, and hence, avoid facing new visa rules and regulations.

4. The fact that these two regions also see a large number of incoming international students in courses other than MBA such as M.S., Ph.D., etc. has resulted in the creation of what can be called an “Educational Gateway”, which includes everything from universities local branches to media support in creating a reputation and admissions coaching to GMAT/GRE training classes.

5. Finally, the reputation of the region as an educational destination, multiple school choices, post MBA recruitment opportunities as well as just the status of a developed country with its associated benefits, further drive the interest in the US and European countries! How many internationals will really be excited to go to Africa for an MBA (.. and not for Safari Vacation!) ?

After thinking through the reasons that drive the popularity of the US and European business schools in the mind of international MBA applicants, the next logical question is how to decide a US vs European MBA? Our next post is going to specifically address the dilemma of where to do an MBA – Europe or USA? What are the factors you should be taking into consideration while deciding the region of your choice?

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