Nov 10, 2012

Making the most of a Business School visit

If you can visit the business school you are applying to, it is highly recommended to do so BEFORE submitting your applications. While school webpages, brochures and info sessions are good source for basic research, nothing can compare visiting and experiencing the business program in person. This visit can give you pointers that you can use in your essays and help craft authentic responses to interview questions. So how to make the most of your campus visit?

1. When you arrive, or later but before leaving the school, visit the admissions office and sign up. You'd like to be formally in the attendance roll sheet of the business school.

2. If you registered through adcom office, your name will already be there. If you are visiting on your own, make sure to show adcom officer that you really came.You may also be able to learn about the opportunities through the admissions office that are made specific for prospective students. Make sure your visit includes a stop here for this reason.

3. Sit in on a class possibly the one that is relevant to your career objectives and professional interests. Adcom office can help you sign up, and you’ll be paired with a current student so you can accompany him or her to the class.

4. Observe the interactions between students and the professor as well as the interactions among students. Collaborative learning environment? Are people engaged? Take stock of the content being taught. Is there a link between what the professor is teaching and your career goals or professional interests? All this info can be great material for application essays.

5. Socialize and interact with students. You may jusr learn the most about the MBA program from just a casual conversation with a student. If you already don’t know anyone at the school, ask adcom to help you connect with someone. Buy a coffee for a student and pick his/her brain about MBA experience and the school. Most business schools have calendars full of social events; so don’t be shy about swinging by one of them or asking the admissions office if someone can escort you!

6. And yeah, dress formal!

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this information, it's very useful. I actually followed a lot of the tips you offer readers when I applied to business school.