Nov 29, 2011

Where do MBA graduates from top business schools go to work?

"Which top business school sends the highest percentage of its MBA grads into consulting?"

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Some 35% of its Class of 2011 headed into the consulting business, more than any other top B-school, including Dartmouth College’s Tuck School (33%) and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (30%).

"Which school sent the most grads into financial services and banking? "

Not Wharton. Columbia Business School, where 51% of this year’s graduating class went into finance, followed by New York University’s Stern School (46%), and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business (41%).

"You might think that Stanford’s Graduate School of Business would have the tech business locked up?"

Not so. As a percentage of its Class of 2011, Berkeley’s Haas School sends more than twice as many grads into the technology industry–32% versus 13%–than Stanford.

Did you know that the school sending the highest percentage of its MBAs into media and entertainment is UCLA’s Anderson School? Or that the school with the highest percentage of MBAs in energy is the University of Texas at Austin? It makes sense given the location of both UCLA in Los Angeles and Texas in Austin and shows the important role geography plays in where MBAs go.

And while it may be no surprise that Yale’s School of Management sends the highest percentage of its MBAs into non-profit and public sector jobs it will surprise many to know as the No. 2 school in this arena is MIT Sloan.

So let's take a look at where do MBAs from these top schools go to work -

IndustryHBS   Stanford   Wharton   Booth   Kellogg   Columbia   Tuck   Haas   MIT
Financial Services39%36%39%41%19%51%29%16%27%
Consumer Products5%7%7%8%11%8%11%4%9%
Health Care4%4%6%2%7%2%4%7%11%
Real Estate1%1%3%1%2%3%NA3%1%

IndustryDuke   Darden   Ross   Cornell   Yale   NYU   UCLA   CM   Texas   UNC
Financial Services22%35%10%32%39%46%26%29%26%34%
Consumer Products8%8%10%9%6%12%8%5%8%8%
Health Care12%3%3%4%5%2%6%9%2%7%
Real Estate0%1%1%1%2%0%3%0%NA8%

Source: Business schools reporting to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Non-profit includes public service jobs in the government. Health care includes jobs with pharma and biotech companies. Bold numbers indicate the highest percentage of grads among the schools in the study. Poets and Quants.

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  1. Good information, however, things might look a little different if we talk about absolute numbers rather than percentages.