Nov 20, 2011

Podcast - Ace that MBA Interview!

The personal interview is a very important step in your efforts to get admission to your dream business school and should not be taken any lighter than the rest of your application; none of the top MBA programs will accept an applicant without having an interview. The motivation is :

a) to analyse and assess your overall "marketability"
b) to aggressively find the best applicants and sometimes, to keep them away from other competitive schools
c) to pitch their own MBA programs

Business schools use interview as an opportunity to question you about your application, your personality, or to address any issues or concerns in your application. But it is used primarily as a tool to filter out misfits who may not be  really suited for a world class MBA program. Your interviewer, whether an admissions committee member or a current student or an alum, would want to learn how are your like as a person, how you respond to pressure and how well you communicate along with insights in what you have achieved till date and have learnt from those experiences.

Check out the MBA podcaster to understand what you need to bring when you go for the interview that may probably change your life for ever ! 

(Duration - 17:12 minutes; requires Flash player)

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