Nov 22, 2011

Inside Texas-Austin McComb's Admissions Office

This post is one in a series of posts trying to decipher what happens once you click that "submit" button in the application portal of the top business schools. As told by the admissions directors themselves! Follow us on twitter and facebook to keep yourself updated with the next set of schools.

What happens once applications are submitted?

Rodrigo Malta, Director of admissions at McCombs - At McCombs, the first thing that I tell candidates is that irrespective of what their GMAT score is, or how many years of professional experience they may have – their application will be touched and read by someone here. That is the advantage of being a small business program. Each and every application that is submitted at McCombs gets reviewed by a live hand. The application itself will be read probably by more than one person who may be members of our admissions staff or a trained first or second year student who also help us read these applications.

After an applicant file goes through a number of reads and reviews, it is presented in the admissions committee meeting. During the peak admissions cycle, our admissions committee meets every week. The committee includes all the officers of our admissions team, and in our meetings we put each individual's candidacy up for discussion.

BizSchoolPrep Comments:

  • Applications is probably be read more than one person. It doesn't say definitely!
  • Your application may be read by a student member. They are usually extremely loyal to their school and hence, it is always to keep this fact in perspective while writing your essays. Weak essays, showing not much of homework on the school, may not really work.
  • The application reading process may be a little random so do not try too hard to find a coorelation between the submitted date to the interview invite date with that of your friend.
  • Do not submit an incomplete application. Period.

School Stats -

McCombs School of Business

1 University Station, B6004
Austin, Texas 78712
Admissions: 512-471-7698
Apply Online:

Tuition & Fees: $60,256 (resident)
Tuition & Fees: $90,256 (non-resident)

Median GMAT: 690
GMAT Range (mid-80%): 620-730
Average GPA: 3.45

Acceptance Rate: 24%
Full-Time Enrollment: 537
International: 27%
Female: 33%
African American: 6%
Asian American: 16%
Hispanic or Latino American: 8%
Mean Age: 28

Median Base Salary: $95,000
Median Signing Bonus: $20,000
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers at Graduation: 67%
Percentage of MBAs with Job Offers Three Months Later: 93%
Estimate of Total Pay over a 20-Year Career*: $2,550,997
*Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported, 2010
Source: Collected from internet/clearadmit/Poets&Quants

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