Nov 17, 2011

Early glimpse - Finance '11: Where are top firms recruiting ?

Most B-schools do not yet have their 2011 employment reports on their websites so this is an early glimpse of the most important employers of the top MBAs. This data was recently reported by the schools to Bloomberg BusinessWeek which asked schools to list their top hirers for the Class of 2011 (see tables below for the results).

Among the big prestige finance players, Goldman Sachs seemed to heavily favor Wharton and Columbia. Goldman hired 24 MBAs from Wharton this year and 18 from Columbia, far eclipsing its hires from other business schools. Goldman, for example, hired six from Chicago, five from Duke, and four from Dartmouth’s Tuck School. J.P. Morgan Chase found lots of talent at Wharton, too, hiring 14 from the school, its highest number of hires among the schools reporting this data. Every other school was in single digits: Columbia (9), Chicago (8), Michigan (7), Tuck (5), Duke (5), and Virginia’s Darden School (5).

*BizSchoolPrep's Comment: Do consider the class size of the schools while looking at these numbers*

Financial Firm Hires Of 2011 MBAS From Top B-Schools

CompanyWharton  Chicago  Columbia  Kellogg  Tuck  Duke  Michigan  Haas  Darden
J.P. Morgan Chase14895575
Goldman Sachs2461845
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch7810910
Barclays Capital11666
Morgan Stanley141584
Deutsche Bank1311136
Credit Suisse161112
American Express10117
Harris Williams & Co.4
Wells Fargo5

A blank space in the table means that data is not currently available on their hires from the school because they fall below the top ten hirers on that campus.

Source: Poets and Quants.

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