Jan 27, 2011

Hello World - I'm born!

We at BizSchoolPrep are excited to finally start our own blog. This is 21st century and while journals, notebooks and diaries are still around, they are used more by the kids in the classrooms and as new year gifts than being used to record anything from accounting tables to those sweet and sad personal stories. In fact, many of the top business schools have offering the incoming class an iPad to be used during the classrooms! So our dear blog, we welcome you and ourself to this side of the virtual world. 

But who are we? Why are we blogging? What will we be blogging about? These are the questions that may have come into your mind. So let us start answering them, one at a time !

Who are we?
We are BizSchoolPrep, an MBA admissions consulting firm. We are a team of MBA consultants from some of the top B Schools and many of us have even served as the member of the admissions committee of these schools where we evaluated actual applications and interviewed candidates towards admission to the full time MBA program. We have successfully advised many candidates to get admissions to the MBA school of their choice. We are especially geared towards the MBA aspirants from outside USA countries and mainly from Indian subcontinent.

All you want to know about us, can be found at our website BizSchoolPrep.

Why are we blogging and what will we be blogging about?
While having a web presence through a website is good, even necessary in this electronic age, we found that it is not a very flexible manner to share our thoughts with the outside world about what we see in the MBA admissions world. This blog will be our place to discuss what is happening in the MBA admissions and share our perspectives about this side of the world with all of you. We will also share with you any interesting insights or facts that some other bloggers are penning. You’re probably at this site because you want to know what is happening in the MBA admissions world and that is exactly why we are blogging!

We'd love to hear from you and encourage you to leave the comments on the stuff we scribble here. Moreover, you can also write to us at blog @ bizschool (dot)(com)

We are excited !


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