Jan 29, 2011

Interested in Chicago Booth's MBA program? Listen to its Admissions Director

Recently, BB's BusinessWeek spoke to Chicago Booth's Admission Director Kurt Ahlm and MBA student Lauren Polo about strategies to land a spot in Booth's MBA Program. Read the full article here.

Few important take-outs:

1. Know yourself and have a strategy to convey that sense of self to the adcom : This is something a lot of admissions director have been saying for a long time. All the applicants applying to the top schools need to understand that there are two parts - Having a story and conveying the story strategically. While most students do have the first part in their application, it is the second part that is missing. It does not matter if you are a superstar if you can not convey to the adcom that you are indeed one.

2. Clear vision of the goals : Enough said! If you don't know why you want to do MBA, then you should not do one. MBA in itself should not be a goal.

3. Round 3 is competitive : More so for internationals just for the fact that there are very limited seats remaining in Round 3, most of the international students are already in there through the first two rounds and that there is just not much time to complete the visa formalities that further discourages adcom to admit many internationals. Go figure!

4. Am I too old or too young for a Booth MBA : If you can convince the adcom why is this the right time for you to pursue your MBA, there you go!


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